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Late Arrival is an original rock band that was created in Santa Fe, New Mexico

by two brothers that love to Rock & Roll.

Jeff Dunham (R-L)Lead Guitar & Vocals. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jeff and Tom started Late Arrival in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jeff’s picking style provides a key element in Late Arrival’s unique sound. With the help of his Gibson Les Paul and the power of his Marshall Stacks he creates a sound that is both melodic and powerful as well as being completely original.
Zella Lavender Bass Guitar & Back-up Vocals. Born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Zella originally joined Late Arrival solely as an administrator until she could no longer contain her deep desire to play bass guitar for the greatest band in the world and in 2004 she became a full fledge member of Late Arrival. Her weapon of choice: an Schecter bass a Ampeg SVT4-Pro and a 8x10 Ampeg cabinet which provides the deep rich tones found in Late Arrivals music. The combination of Zella’s bass and Tommy's drums set the backbone in Late Arrival's Music.
Tom Dunham Drums & Back-up Vocals. Born in Sioux City, Iowa. Tommy D plays an 11 piece Ludwig drum set with a Black Beauty snare and 8 Zildjain cymbals. With all these elements at his disposal he creates a thunderous storm of sound that shakes the listener soul to its very foundation. Drumming that is truly the definition of ROCK AND ROLL.


About Us

Late Arrival's started out in 1980 in Santa Fe, New Mexico by two brothers that love to Rock & Roll. They have created their own music and produced three original albums. The 1st album “Kick Things Over” followed by “Freeks” then “Machine”.  All three are analog recordings. We believe this makes all the difference in the recordings and music. Late Arrival’s albums consist of 12 tracks each that we hope you will have to have in your CD player. Writing and performing, Late Arrival has a long past and has developed their own rock style. With solid drum beats the picking style of the guitar and thumping bass to the kick, make for a full three piece rock sound. With the high energy show, their songs and sound appeals to all ages. With the ever-changing music scene, Late Arrival has also added an acoustic set of new songs mixed with several songs from their current three albums. We’re all about having fun & rockin. Always keep ROCK alive..

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Kick Things Over Freeks Machine

Album Cover - Kick Things Over

Album Cover - Freeks

Album Cover - Machine




Late Arrival playing live. Tom is on his electric drums  

Tommy D playing his drums


Jeff & Zella playing live  

Jeff, Zella & Tom playing live


Late Arrival's transportation and home  

Late Arrival at the Saltmine Studio


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