Late Arrival is a rock band that was created in Santa Fe, New Mexico
by two brothers that love to Rock & Roll.

Late Arrival… two brothers. Hooked up in Albuquerque, New Mexico when Jeff Dunham (guitar) was born. Tom Dunham (drums) big brother snaked Jeff to play guitar because Tom wanted to be the drummer. The family moved, up dusty I-25 to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1968. With the vibe of a small mountain town and the knack to play what we call Southwest Rock & Roll our rhythms helped us create rockin songs. We met Zella Lavender (bass) a girl from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We met Zella in California in 1986 to complete the band with her solid bass playing between the brothers energy. Where do the songs come from? There is just a crazy energy in New Mexico that powers our writing. All we know is Rock & Roll. We have fun with it, we don’t question it, we throw it down and flow with it and we hope you do too! Flow with us, talk to us and Rock with us!

Late Arrival has been recording their music since 1997. Their first album is "Kick Things Over" in 1997, then "Freeks" in 2002, "Machine" in 2007 and "Organized Mayhem in 2017. This three piece band loves playing and believes in having fun!  


Late Arrival 's Machine album cover

Late Arrival - Machine

Late Arrival's Freeks album cover

Late Arrival - Freeks

Late Arrival's Organized Mayhem album cover

Late Arrival - Organized Mayhem

Late Arrival's Kick Things Over album cover

Late Arrival - Kick Things Over

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