About Us

Late Arrival started out in 1980 in Santa Fe, New Mexico by two brothers Jeff and Tom Dunham. They have created their own music and produced four original albums. The 1st album “Kick Things Over” followed by “Freeks” “Machine” and Organized Mayhem. All four are analog recordings. We believe this makes all the difference in the recordings and music. Late Arrival’s albums consist of 12 tracks each that we hope you will need to have in your playlist. Writing and performing, Late Arrival has a long past and has developed their own rock style. With solid drum beats the picking style of the guitar and thumping bass to the kick, make for a full three piece rock sound. With the high energy show, their songs and sound appeals to all ages. We’re all about having fun & rockin. Always keep ROCK alive..

Northeast In-Tune Magazine's Bob Donovan says: Interesting riffs throughout Late Arrivals music.  I really enjoyed the guitar work in each of their songs.  Not flashy, just straight forward good performance and playing.
GoGirls Music Review's Georgia Moncrief says: Late Arrival's sound is pure rock 'n roll. It's fresh and exciting. Their music takes me back to the fun times in high school...let the party begin! 
Music Extreme Review's Marc Don Vito says: This is pure rock´n´roll in its purest form. Full of hooks in the vein of AC/DC.
Westsidewill Radio Dueling CD Review's Joey Champagne &  D'Michael Noogeman says: 12 tracks of solid rock. If anybody knows a thing or two about rock it's this group. "Red Vest" this track is chalk full of rhymes and what not that will get stuck in your head.
Eugene Foley (consultant to the music industry) says: "Late Arrival is a 4.5 out of 5 points and I don't usually rate bands over 3 points".